Do you commit to this programme?

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getting into more about us, i think, as we grow we commit ourselves too much into many things.

  • some might be of an individual’s interest,
  • some just for impressing others (pretending types),
  • some for fun and
  • some for just the sake of pastime.

there can be many other categories also. those not listed above.

two years back i had visited bhuleshwar temple – nearby from pune, met two unknown guys, with whom i at least meet somewhere while travelling or otherwise have a call. one of those was a regular employee at a big automaker company. other a business man. unknown to each other (they 2 and me), we started talking at the temple, as they were having their lunch and invited me to it. later on, while i had no intention of going to another places, we saw two more places that day! back to the above subject, the employee guy, told me how we showed our commitment in daily lives, by going to jobs and having a family.

the discussion was on buying a flat, and by just making a 10% prepayment , you get to book a flat – the place he was staying then had apartments and flats costed around 1.5-2 kk rs at that time. so the main issue was of the emi’s (monthly  installments).

indians by the way have a tendency to save money for the needful times, and the emi culture came just a few decades back and grew popular in the past 2-3 decades (that’s what i think) due to more banks ready to lend money.

 so the working guy was less hopeful of committing himself into the loan amount as he said he was bound to that flat only and also the money he would repay would me many times higher than that one loaned. also the markets are changing fast, he wasn’t guaranteed that jobs can be considered secure and so why commit?

economic recession and depression’s are the keywords which appear daily. and to add more to it, nature seems to help to add to these by earthquakes, tsunamis and volcanoes. recount the past year’s news and you would know. some more factors adding to the pressure on humans are humans themselves. read as the conflicts in middle east and the aftereffects reaching in other parts of Europe and Asia.

the way the thought process of this Gen Y goes now – is that what is the upper limit isn’t mattered when one’s earning, but what limit can be set as minimum cannot be said or confirmed solely. the reasons are many. oil prices, inflation rates, then land rates, lending rates, tax %, and what not. the old Gen X had more secure jobs, less to get tense about. it’s never that they had few questions but yes to the new generation, its a dream like to have a life-like their parents.

also the technological advancements and the number of growing channels have added to the problems, except a few can be counted on as exceptions to this rule. but even as technology has advanced, we are still short of energy in rural india.

and with the latest problems generated by the tsunami at the japan’s fukushima plant,  the jaitapur nuclear plant is facing public’s rage and protests are never going to end. the whole problem then comes to government’s commitment? are we committed to progress? and then how? are our fossil fuels enough to make us independent on nuclear fuels? or would be able to generate energy with the help of renewable sources like solar and wind power?

the lack of commitment for a long-term solution makes it a difficult question to answer, as in the current scenario, the plant having problems was only designed for 4 different crisis’ ( a: earthquake, b: tsunami / floods, c: fires, d: others) but not a combination of these. and we believe that japan is advanced enough to tackle this, but if we face the same situation who will face the outrage? or who will take the sole responsibility?

even as wikileaks has put down some hard copies of true facts, nobody is there in indian politico’s who is taking it seriously. many call it as a biased reporting. many call it fake. it’s now up to the common man to decide – who is true and who not – as he is already facing the effects thrown upon him by the corrupt ones he chose to represent himself in the national parliament.

comments are welcome.


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