the creator

its just a way of thinking about the creator, how did he go about this world. as writers or bloggers, we tend to define the world we are in. sometimes we delve deep into fiction. on and on we go to create things – by gathering real facts or just by plain imagination.

sometimes, the lines differentiating both are very close, sometimes, the worlds merge. reel becomes real.

the only difference between us and the creator is the lifetime of the characters we placed into. we take into consideration – the lifetime fo characters – not much in details.

for example, if a guy blogs about daily, thats what WP has asked us to participate it, and just get bogged down by writing about the daily instances. it would be so boring. yes, i would say that. its hardly the fact that interesting things do come up, but they rather take time. writers on the other hand, take less time to sum up the equations of the goods and the baddies. sometimes, its just a book, some time 2-3 parts. the latest one – popular – harry potter series, ends up in 7 books.

real life is so different. we have something new popping up day or night. we expect something different every day. the creator must have had pains writing off this whole code.

the chain which started from adam and eve, grew later manyfold and we are here as a result of that.

the other thing that varies between both the creators is hurry. the one above has no hurry as he has already created many and destroyed many universes. swami vivekananda says, he plays with numerous universes and earth’s like a child plays with the marbles. he lives care free!

the creations of us are limited according to our senses – with 5 senses/ guna’s- earth, water, fire, sky and air – we are missing some supernatural element – which the creator and the saints know (and use too), void of which the human creators fill up with magical powers, teleportation, etc etc. the book on paramhans yogananda also reflects this sense (the 6th) and amazes the readers.

the other way round, we have been built with so many connections. those with blood, those with friendship and various ways of social networking (today freshly pressed blog says 6 ways!) its difficult to imagine, with that level of interconnected webs to reappear in a book, or literature (except a few classics) !!!!


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