mumbai diaries

Dhobi Ghat poster
Dhobi Ghat poster

amazing stuff that too from a bollywood movie, yes, you cant believe  it!

4 characters, 3 on screen, one just on a TV set which one of these actors sees!

  • arun, a painter, divorced and a loner
  • shai, a banker on a sabbatical from the States.
  • munna, a washerman and has many other duties.
  • yasmin, the character who lived in Arun’s rented apartment before he comes in to live there.
  • the fifth character is the city Mumbai

whats the connection you’ll ask?

the narrative is brilliant, which covers character on character and leaves us thinking after the movie is over.

arun and munna know each other well, as munna comes up to pick up clothes at his (arun’s) residence from last four years. arun and shai bump at each other at a painting exhibition and stay together at that night – bonding with each other, and munna – reaches to shai for clothes as well.

shai is new to the city, so she asks munna to show the city and its areas – for photography. she bonds well with munna, who also gets attracted with her.

the city as a lovely landscape, shows the shades of each and every season, the festivals (ganpati) and yes, the crowds!

yasmin comes  into picture when munna shifts in the new rented flat, and discovers the videos she recorded for sending them as letters to her brother somewhere else. brilliant acting by the debutante actress.

the movie follows three different tracks from there on.

completely bowled.

amazing story, a good direction with a good to hear – background score from santonella.

aamir, you did it again!

i loved the way the symbol of ganpati was shown. yasmin records the visarjan (immerson of Ganpati idols afetr the 10 day Ganpati festival) yatra of mumbai and arun finds one which came back from the waters, getting to know the importance of life.


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