job satisfaction

well the other topic of seminar i chose on the basis of its importance. the rest were good but were not much interesting. hah.some material is available online, though much needs to be read, sorted ouot and then listed in the seminar.

the obivious question which comes forth is (read this question with reagrds to job and if you want to go in more depth “self”):

  • are we satisfied?

the ultimate answer, except the yogi’s would be No! we have built around ourselves a circle of to be and of which we forget what we “really” are. also with the growth in age, the expectations seem to grow too. that is, in fact as a child, the limits of demands are just about a candy bar. later on in schools, a toy, a game, or a book, phones (might be with recent trends) etc. in youth and old age – blah blah blah (fill it yourself!)

  • if yes, how much are we satisfied?

we are to a certain extent satisfied also. rather that’s the reason we keep on carrying on the daily routines, the daily tasks, etc etc ~ the regular stuff. its this satisfaction, of meddling two life’s (family life + organizational life) that tricks us. for the good of one, we keep on continuing the another.

and there are various factors involved too. getting new friends, having new classes ( yes, training at the organization for something new trend recently coming into market, etc, fun fare activities) brings us back to the same place the next day too! 

  • if not, what are the reasons?

its money, honey! social esteem, might be another reason, perks and incentives, etc etc.

this reason comes up into picture – when an “uneven” comparison goes for two persons with even terms. for example, if two guys have passed out from the same college, with the same degree and round about the same percent marks/ grades (highly exaggarated) ~ then its possible that the two guys land at two different jobs, with different pay packages, and different posts. sometimes, one does a hard work and progresses and other stays back or vice versa. somehow things keep on changing in boths lives and suddenly, one checks his growth with another.

if he feels – has less progressed – while coming into the same organization @ the same time, he is bound to be dissatisfied. even though it may be his fault! 

this also exists  – if we over expect from ourself. may be also called as push the limits – all time / often.

this is a limited case scenario.

being satisfied, helps to ease the situation, brings a positive frame of mind and work better.

on the other hand, being dissatisfied, you put a hammer on your feet (a proverb here), and cause troubles for yourself.

its rather a complicated task to rate the satisfactions and dissatisfactions and the sector is amongst the most popular ones in the current managemnet fields as the ratio of it is directly affecting the growth, the production, sometimes the overall image of the company.

the other criteria that comes into mind is a person happy at work, tries to be happy at home, and vice versa. so the dual nature of this rating is sometimes also related to the realtionships of the person at home and office.


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