Blog : But why?

as soon as i have started working on the seminar for AI, it seems the creative juices are gearing up a bit in the mind again! oh yeah!

the thing which we differ from machines is being creative – out the many!  and yes, that too without a result oriented approach.

we do rather stupidest things the logical machines would think of it as, with no results, walking away in Sun just for fun in the mornings, or at the beach etc etc – the list can be huge. but that things – small and big give us a good amount of pleasure!

the way of putting the thoughts written down on a blog and that too in a public space – seems another idea like it. but hell yes, what are we afterall, social beings. we cultivate ideas into ourselves, drill deep into them and learn from the mistakes and enjoy from the successes.

and yes, we continue even after we have / ‘nt reached somewhere we thought.

interestingly, what would machines do if they are found in such a situation, turn themselves off or have a reboot 🙂 thoughts and thoughts on these and these are amazingly funny.


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