AI (artificial Intelligence) , Clones and God !

every now and then, man tries to defy the rules set up by somebody in heavens!

we made machines to reduce the stress of our brains and we have had computers and created a new mess for the minds to solve. well, ahh i am not against the progress but the over use of it has created some new and unknown problems and issues.

now, as a part of the course, i have to give seminar on any one of the subjects which were given to us.

i chose artificial intelligence and god, what a subject.

it has been worked and researched in last 60 + years! the solutions it has offered have been vast and the application developed with its use have been of enormous use to mankind.  the ultimate goal of this theory is to create as intelligent and humane as a man!

there have been many ways of thought processes involved which have been divided into many subcategories and the theorists have gone deeper and deeper into the subject.

the results have been amazing and some machines with intelligence like the deep blue and watson have shown.

the only thought which came to my mind was ~ as a human we have been bought into this world with a mortal body and immortal soul, if intelligence was all, then what is the criteria that differentiates us from the machines? karma! we have had been brought about in this world due to our past actions and inactions! and the resultant fruits that one has to bear them – till they reach their salvation.

the way humans react to each and every situation ~ is a very different aspect. as the human tendencies – in each and every situation change – it seems mucha complicated process to note it down, to write a code for it, and replicate it!

thats wholly impossible to replicate – by the way!

the other idea of human mind is more interesting. if you cannot copy + paste the humans into machines, why not photocopy them – we invent the clones! anyhow this part of the technology is yet into more research and except Dolly, a sheep that was a clone, none of the results have been made public. rumors are there in news about the possible clone of a human being, but still then, appearance can be copied to an extent but the person will be  whole & new individual.

there was a thought that i came across on the web yesterday, that the one who spends an year on AI, would be thankful to God for the rest of his life!


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