Lovely Song..

One of my favorite songs from childhood.

Love the  movie and the song.

This pic brought out the strange pairing of Akshay Kumar and Saif together, which came  out again many a times later.

The movie also has Saif palying a real world actor with many issues and Akki as a cop with temper :). Akki’s boss Tiku Talsania (guess) asks him to keep Saif at home. Meanwhile in the flashback Akki has been shown with a soft corner for Shilpa Shetty, in this part the character she plays is killed during a crime scene, and in another role, that of a lady from remote place, she encounters Akki again.

Hindi movies take this proven formmulae again and again and filmmakers get rich! Thats the reason why The Hangover was adapted into a Hindi film (made for multiplexes), tanked at the box office 🙂 as people had already watched The Hangover.

The Hangover : part2 trailer looks trendy again 🙂


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