we live in a very very relative world. get this sorted out in your mind.

there are moments we treausre throughout our lives, just due to the circumstances we lived in at that time and the people with whom the celebrations were carried out. think of a few moments like these and recount the number of people who come to your mind in that picture frame.

Guess where they are now? and how are they? have you been in touch lately? If yes, …

Whats the difference in them, from that time? Why? Had you lost a connection in between? Some things missed out?

Rather we come out with the regular guys answer, yes i have changed. Now I am a different guy, with the old guy somewhere buried in me.

Just had two small talks with the mischevious classmates in my junior college, who have recently lost their touch with mischievious side and rather became crying babys (rotlu’s) they said they couldn’t carry on, circumstances have changed, surroundings have changed. my question to them was, why has “the you”  inside you has changed, accepeted defeat in this bloody game of life?

They laugh, I laugh harder than the jokes and pokes they did at me during the college phase, come on guys, chill out.

There was never a time, which wasn’t ours and there would be a time, in which we should forget the real us!

Its this point of time, that I doubt that Facebook and orkut fare less, reason, you can post on the wall, and Poke or SuperPoke friends, but in reality the original touch is somewhere missing guys. This is where the Intelligence has to suffer in the hands of Philosophy and Psychology!

there can be innumerable moments of time when you would scratch your head and say, hmmm, this so and so friend should have been closer, due to his XYZ skillsets you knew at time, and would have been much helpful.

You check for the number and sheh, that person has changed the cell numbers 🙂 , and not on fbook, or orkut, and doesn’t have a goog profile. how would you search? the mailing address?

bet on technology. again!


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