well. omg. its sol back again.

yes, u read it right. i am back to the chatterati @ the wordpress. where could it be again? and after u have got a much fan following and posts and a few pages. a bit lazier to start another blog too 😉

me @ the Gandhi Hospital
me @ the Gandhi Hospital


heres how it has been since the accident.

  • things happen: it was a bad incident, which occured for a good cause. u dont really get to observe the speed with which you are travelling in this lane of life (faster one) until something shakes u up! in my case, shatters u up! haha.
  • take life easy: nothing really matters much, except being single piece, for which we should thank god. i took 3 months to realise this, and rest of life was knowing this, but somehow it didnt matter. and a few fractured bones too!
  • there’s a lot of things going around: a lovely lunch, a favourite song of the oast decade, a skipped chapter in  the classes, well we have many lovely things in the past. its being one with them again, reignites a kind of a younger you!
  • memories: this shit stays with us all the time, time to create new and good ones. somehow, many of the guys who have had near death experiences have said a lot on this, keep on thinking about the good memories, the bad ones were to pian you and were to be left @ their place after they happened. which never happens, in my case too.
  • Leisure activities:  Cultivate a hobby, a passtime your your own sake, may it be a thing which you wanted to do a long time back, but have never found time to do so. sit down and meditate!

thats all for today guys, hope this dose isn’t too heavy!

P.S. theres another article i was thinking about at this time (AI and God!), but would think more about it and write it down later.


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