Patience is bitter…

Here goes a saying…

“Patience is always bitter ………………… but the fruits it bears are always sweet”!

the way things are going around, i think its the patience which is being “time” tested since last 10 years.

first the career fall flat, then suddenly mamma passed away 5 years ago and now the Master’s degree is on the verge of completion and i have been made into a headless chicken. How much patience a child / a man should show in his life ?

i heard people murmuring the stories of Mc Donalds and others to me, but thats true, he had the balls to wait. some times determination matters. but how much is still the question.

sometimes, comparison blows this out of proportion. as a person i recently discussed with about the birthchart – said those who have a burning desire to attain salvation in this birth itself have to show the utmost patience as they have to face the hard times first. the next half of thier lives is already taken care of. bear bad words first, then you would get the riches later. as per him, the ones who have early riches have (some he knew had) bad patches later on in the old age. never mind or should i say never use your mind..until the time has come?

i know that there are six evil things always circling our minds to enter (called the shadripu‘s)and shatter the current phase but till when they can be kept outside. and when they enter they make it hell.

 working with a particular ERP is cool, but still not knowing its basic functionalities is bad and not getting somebody to learn from is the utmost bad thing that can happen. in these years, i have had the motivation to learn different things, but getting good / perfect at only one thing has made me no good. i still dont know anything about it and yes, my morale to learn something more has been bent by a person – by giving the data – ready made or should i say it tailormade. absolutely makes me look rubbish – if i would appear in the front of a technical interview facing demon questions.

and support jobs are no more good as they make you smarter in a kind but don’t make you look knowledgeable. thats why i am currently aiming at. having 12 hours for duty and then reading technical stuff – takes a hard toil on your mind and  i am not sure if anybody knows how to deal with both of them with the same zeal.

getting promoted is another thought of adding responsibilities but hardly there have been any though!

tomorrow would be another day but more or less like today and that’s why feeling of satisfaction should be kept at bay.


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