life at the core

there a post on today’s freshly pressed that goes on to compare the relevance of man’s basic requirements with maslows traingle and what not. and there’s no peice of mind mentioned! the way things are turning now, we are getting into more and more complex lifestyles and more into virtual worlds rather than enjoying the real world and through uniting with it – the inner world for peace.

what a shit this life would be if, you haven’t enjoyed few hours of reuniting with the basic roots of humans the nature itself!

there was a time when people had no devices and still leaved peacefully enjoying what came in between. there was no network and so no network outages and yes, some were able to communicate without the telephones still invented. they call it telepathy now, but was there in use at that time.

i am so ridiculed by the human nature of not being satisfied at anything, be it related to anything that can be measured. from my own example, i felt good at having a 180 cc bike, but not when somebody races ahead with a 220 cc bike or not when the petrol (gas) prices go up (this is natural).

but thats how life is.

may god had given us the spell of “ridiculous” as in the HP series and we would had a hearty laugh at the jokers which would be transformed versions of the fears of modern era.


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  1. life is like that…

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