race against time.

the way we grow up, i mean to everybody grows up, there are a few things left behind everytime, year on year…

in my case..

  • maths and drawing – after schools
  • cadet corps, and the discipline – after junior college
  • poetry, tabla (an Indian  musical instrument) – after diploma
  • going to ground for various physical activties.
  • daily workouts and most probably – the everyday diary writing…

time goes so faast and things get left behind – or do i say we tend to age !  time is still there but the curiosity is long gone. how to reignite it?

same happens with friends of various phases above, do we have all a touch and go phase, where we have a feeling of being left behind if we don’t catch up fast  with the current happenings, then what happens with the past connections.

social networking doesn’t answer the second part, even if it connects us with the past, but there is less to be done in the present!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. keeping busy hasn’t hurt anyone

    1. shekharonline says:

      hehe, may be yes. but holding on everything you had before takes much skill 😉

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