this weekend

the first month of the year is setting today… damn time runs so fasst..

this weekend saw the rush rush hush hush factor.

saturday was both working – both for academic and work wise 🙂

there was a external faculty there from the University of Pune for guiding the BCA and MCA students on their project submission. well the seesion was interesting – covered interesting topics of both ways of planning projects – the traditional and non traditional ways. the class diagrams and the DTD’s and UML diagrams.. i had to run early that day..

the next half .. was at work.

a crazy old fellow met me at the camp – where i had a stop for buying a cake from Pune Camp~ a colleague’s  wish! well the old fellow had bought some items and asked the the owner to get the money from me instead. in a hurry i was ~ i couldnt believe it at first and then saw towards him, he laughed. this was his way of tricking people said the owner. later he said that the oldie was creating fun with my customers every alternate day!

the oldie advised me to have the youth used to the whole extent ~ thought noted ~ was thinking about it till i reached the company (~20 kms)!

work finished.. was bored, so had a drive to one of the nearest AshtaVinayak’s (what is AshtaVinayak if thats your question – go here   ! ) The Chintamani – is sure a blessing in disguise. He is so close, yet I have had the number of trips limited to 4 or 5 ~ almost driving about > 2 months daily  (about 4-5,000 kms) from the city to the company!

Was curious about the Hanuman temple we saw daily on the area near the Solapur Highway and the Dutta Temple near the Toll collection. Reached city late.

Sunday show opened late! College again, and later the palmistry sessions followed by visit to my project guise to have sweets, and  a get together of the friends group for celebrations of one’s birthday last week. hah. why weekends go so fasst ?


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