set theory.. practically

i am no in more in doubt about the application of set theory in our daily lives.

we are practically playing with the set theory – life long.

  • have birth – welcome to the superset of the Solar_Sytem set
  • where nationality and  passport depends on the co-ordinates of your birth. So we had two sets, Country and Planet!
  • then comes the relatives and obiviously mom and dad! so another subset or a product of Union of two sets – you and your relatives.
  • go to nursery – another KG subset
  • school , high school – two subsets more
  • college – one more subset
  • company – omg, another subset
  • if you blog, form a community, or whatever “social” another subset
  • marry – union of two sets – that of one’s spouse
  • kids – now this is a subset which is under the union of the two supersets …………..

the list never ends!

we are (err… or say you are) always at the intersection point of many supersets!

and this theory can be applied to any of the things. for ex.

movies –

  • action
  • sci-fi
  • comedy
  • romantic
  • thriller

and of this theory – you are just a point of reference for many supersets – and the definition of point is so interesting. go find it to know more!


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