khalbali hain khalbali….

this track of RDB (Rang De Basanti, or Colour me Saffron – India’s entry to Oscar – Foriegn Film category) is as capturing as Oscar winning AR Rahman’s tracks. The sense of deja vu is shown in the whole film, narrated as film in a film technique – a british movie maker comes to shoot the Kakori Train Loot conspiracy and the  Indian Armed Revolutionaries lives. The other part of the film captures the role of today’s  youth which are inspired by the events which happen to them while shooting the patriotic scenes and how are they inspired by the film itself to get into their roles.

while the things happening after this song are quite different from the ones happening before this song, this song beutifully captured the theme of uncertainity which always looms large over our lives, as we have no control upon the things happening to us and that too at anytime.

in between the sequences of the dance, the sequence of the film (which is being finished in RDB), the actors get into the characters and the story line is taken forward.

many novels, epics and stories from the Purana’s in India and other countries too – use the same technique – for example a student asks a teacher about a query, he inturn replies, my dad had asked the same query to the grandfather and in turn got an affirmative reply how to solve this.

this may either increase the interest of the reader to know more about the unknown character’s to him, other – the solved query gives a positive note as how the previous generations have approved this thing and has not to be argued about as the results have been generated as per the solution itself.

uncertainity on the other part, is much like the worst of incidents happened today in Russia.


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