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show me some ideas
show me some ideas

the world is such fast paced, that even how we may be sitting at the same place the whole day, the earth never stops and the sun glows day and night, hmm. why night you would be saying ? beta (son), its night for you, not the Sun! the only of Gods whose presence can be felt daily, and the one who shows the light in the dark,  and the one who gets the food by His light!

Gurucharitra says the earth covers about 22 old units of Distance (~ like mfarlang, miles) every second, and in one chapter PP Nrusinha Saraswati Maharaaj asks a devotee by coming into front of her in another form (that of an ascetic, with a different attire),  why are you crying over the loss of your son, my daughter? she narrates all the story and then He gives us the above illustration, work, work, work – for your betterment dears, because the moment lost will never come back – never waste it – neither in actions for which you will feel sorry afterwards, or in other words utilise it in the right way.

The bubbles form and burst, the day comes and goes, even He says, the Lords Indra and all have their dates worked out, then why as a mortal beings, you cry over the fate of one of the two kids you got?

(Lord) Maharaaj, I am thoroughly impressed by your skills of narration of the Gurucharitra (the autobiography of  Lord Nrusinha Saraswati, the second reincarnation of God Dattatreya), but I am still thinking of your skills as the creator of this Universe, how you detailed down the basics of every Human Being, his karmic capabilties and limits, the fate and how graceful you must be!

Gurudev Datta!


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