One of my favorite teacher passes away….

Ms. Asha Bellubi, one of my favorite teachers at the St. Ramanand School passed away last week while just at 54 years of age. She was a favorite of many due to the various points she cultivated in us – honesty, hard work and most of all never say die spirit. an ardent believer in her kids at the school, she was more than a teacher, but a mother like figure to  many.

Her favorites were Mathematics and Science, whereas, she was also good at Hindi and Marathi, even if herself being from Karnataka!

The other point i came to know yesterday was – she was a follower of P. P. Shree Nrusinha Saraswti Swami Maharaaj (a Dutta Avataar) and her reading was continous till the day she passed. No reason why, the environment in the home, instead of feeling sorrowful was feeling still pleasant – as she was there like always.

May her soul rest in peace. Madam, your memories would always be there in the minds of the many students you always had!


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  1. May the soul rest in peace

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