need to Talk and hugs

yesterday was sunday and like always a good day to read papers. sunday express was filled with many trash news (sigh) and a good magazine which comes now instead of a glossy supplement – which can be carried and read everywhere.

the main topic of the supplement was how technology has changed us, and how we are heading to a virtual space. the gap still exists in areas which have more infrastructure and making lives busy and whereas in the rural and town areas, the flow of life has progressed but still long to catch up with the busyness of the urban fare. not to mention the metro areas, which  are far ahead.

yesterday the other activity goes around is house cleaning, which sadly couldn’t be done due to shortage of time, and yes, this is no excuse 🙂

like, i said in the previous post, i was at my teacher’s place and it took considerable time to reach there, almost 30 km from my apartment. in rural terms, it would be going from one village to another! almost 100 km run yesterday.

life is filled with so less time, and yet we get so busy in our routines, it takes a few moments to meet the ones who have shaped us, but a few hoped yesterday – they had missed to meet Asha madam this Diwali and the time would never come back!

the other disturbance was that of ringing mobile phones.

other things missed out was about the thursday’s event – the presenter had also shown us about the “free hug” moment, extremely touching. can technology give us that warmth feeling, which we feel while hugging somebody that close, which gives us a feeling to fight come what may?


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