the yearly meet and all.

jokes – hilarious jokes by Manish Gupta from Chrysalis – who was the main speaker for the event that happened on thursday.

he did some motivational speak, some jokes and somethign about everyday life. the main thought being – taking charge of our everyday lives and not offering our thoughts a direction on which we don’t want to go ahead.

He called that “making choices” was the most important things we have got and the most incredible of things we have in our day to day life that goes unnoticed – is we “breathe” – on which we have no control – so live the life @ th fullest and make it memorable as what we do today is in our hands. the past is gone away and the future cannot be determined at this moment (read :normal huamn beings don’t have such a vision!)

the other aspect of his brainstorming session was  – to become a player and not a spectator. we see player play and dominate the field, get rich. we stay at the same pedestal, either amazed by the things the  players enjoy, the riches they have or the fame they get – due to their performances, but always remain a spectator / observer. sigh.

the whole evening went away in his session, we were also charged up by the few sentences he asked us to repeat with him

I am feeling happy!

I am feeling terrific!

 I am feeling wonderful!

I am feeling the power!

yes! yes!! yes!!!

suddenly everybody in the hall was feeling charged for some amount of time.


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