coming up – Dhobi Ghat

yesterday, while reading the road signs thought of a movie relasing this friday – called the dhobi ghat.


well four characters in the film, all from different levels of the society (seems to me from the trailer)- two debutants, prateik babbar and aamir khan. the last name in the list stands out and may be the reason for many to watch this movie. Also called Mumbai Diaries – this may deal with the city in someway Slumdog Millionaire did- but in positive light.

one is a dhobi (cloth washer) played by prateik who romances with an investment banker on a sabbatical, photographing mumbai, her heart breaks (guess from trailer) – she watches aamir khan painting somewhere nearby – again to fall in love – something more happens. now aamir is shown to have another love option-one like a housewife! the climax might be intersting – who gets what in this just a hour and half movie already making news in the festival circuits.

read a review – also linked by aamir on his blog, but it gave no clues about the story or how it ends?

after a long time with no movies – after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – part 1 – we are here to get into the imaginary world again! aamir’s wife is the director of this movie and has assisted Ashutosh Gowariker in a number of movies. She is also the writer of this film.
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