new resolution

the whole day we either google the term for something trendy ~ a goog term, or something which has spread like a fire in the news ~ in realtime ~ courtesy ~ twitter.  this may not be much unsocial ~ fbook but i would prefer not to rate/ rank the news as per their readership.

~ thats regarding the online news ~ which were updated ~ xx mins ago or yyy hrs ago . WTH!

and other being the less use of ~pedia’s or wiki’s taking the space everywhere.

generally we land somewhere on a page on a ~pedia which has so-many details ~ha… ha… the wiki phenomenon

~so we click there

and land somewhere else.

~click here .

we have the habit of grasping unwanted details here and there. take some time off and get relaxed.

being an offline encyclopedia doesn’t help ~ this makes us information junkies and like said before information is bits of knowledge and not the knowledge itself!


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