technology does …. part 2

previous part can be read here .

the telecom kranti (revolution) here landed cell phones here in the hands of millions, the number of handsets would be in a number of few billions or i think the connections/ subscribers in billions like the previous room partner of mine – had 18 SIM cards.

i was glued to the same number, for a few years till the network fell down to a pressure of greater number of subscriprtions more than a tower can hold.. call drops, range problems and what not.

then we had a telephone scam of a few tens of crores in the landline connections scam i remember during childhood, now we have the 2G scam!

i have had a email now – gaving me a digital diary (excel) sheet for a century (100 years) and asking me to save papers. but we are on earth dear, where to ahve a latest technology – we have to shell out huge chunks of money! people hardly can afford a touch screen / multitasking device and 3G is on the coming, so cheap touchscreen phones – are not a good option – from my point of view.

getting an iPad / Streak (dell) would be more expensive than buying an inexpensive but damn heavy notebook, but i am not preferring a-soon-to-be-outdated netbook device. in college days, the personal computer had a 833 MHz processor, now the latest phones have a 1GHz processor!

but we the same things, a bit differently now. like if you have reached a friends builidng and plan to go out somewhere – without you to get into his builiding’s 5th floor (ok, by lift, i know you wont take the efforts to climb up the stairs- fat boy!) – you just give him a missed call!

he comes down in a few seconds, saving our energy to walk / climb or yell his name!

the other day, an old colleague was saying about his picnic,  some 30-35 years ago. that days, a landline was also thought to be a esteemed product! the picnic bus (1 of 3) failed somewhere in between, and the afiled bus unfortunately- being the last, no driver of the first two – got an idea. the communication between the driver and the school head master took place the next day’s morning @ about 10 pm, when other buses had arrived. but now now a days! the fun the children had due to one more day @ other places than the city – being the other funny aspect of the same story!

not these days.

anyhow, still i think, peronal meetings carry more importance, than calling a person, emailing him, texting him, or to the max- having a video conf. / chat.

you and time you live in are more important! and not the devices – which entertain you!


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