Life is Crazy

this is in contraction to my devotion towards Hollywood films. we are made up of huge potential in the real life, but it rather goes waste due to the dire state of awkward feelings towards present states. we are hopeful of a better tomorrow but dont know how? this is the path where the involvements slow down and people start feeling the heat of reality.

this is where imagination should be cultured and cared for.

after all life is not about the battle of dark versus the bright… 🙂

the way things end up at oscar is not known but we will be expecting to see the ultra superior imagination of Christopher Nolan meaning the Inception fight for the major nominations with The Social Network !

one filled with contractions, the main lead fighting with the reality in his dreams, and dreams for his getting to his children by dreaming!

the other films narrative is about reality and the  main lead, Jesse Eisenberg plays the youngest Billionaire of this generation Mark Zuckerberg and the shows no guilt of denying of copying some of other’s ideas – straight forward in Business. It is him, whose stature will be like a dream for many.. oops, I should say many feel motivated.. like he says to Rooney Mara in the opening sequence.

True Grit hasn’t opened here, is being said to be a black horse in the race..


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