technologies change the way we do things and not the things!

haha, what an awesome long title.  reminds me of the precise writing for the school board exams and my inability of shorteing a sentence!  yes, as the subject suggests, i thought of how the situations have changed from the last decade (was in school) till now and at present.

we had the faciilty of land lines then and no mobiles! there were huge machines called as the ZIP phones, brought into market by a private player called as teh Hughes telecom and was operating under the private network of Tata Teleservices.

Pagers were more prevalent and could cost as same as a local call, no SMS’es! these too have gone dead – think so!

then came in BPL telecom and Idea cellular network – with a few richies getting their hands on the cellular phones – very huge handsets – the nokia and motorola ones!

telecom (read. mobile) kranti (revolution) came in. reliance lead the scene by giving calling two phones for lifetime with a deposit of 10K bucks! then other schemes came in from them – pay 500 bucks per month to have a phone. BSNL (state owned operator) also came in with a WLL option with a limited use.

Tata introduces Walky – which is a wireless landline phone – previously was a WLL (wireless in local loop) – which they later stopped. the phone (and the landline handset)  was functional even if it was carried to othe rpart of the city !

part next coming up

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