happy new year 2011!

Happy New Year 2011!
Happy New Year 2011!

it is this time of the year, we think that

  • how time race fast this year
  • how this year was better than previous year
  • how we went through this year
  • compare the personal losses and gains with that of the previous life
  • write down new resolutions for the new year, and forget them after writing them – the next day, or at the max. till the 1st week of the coming year.
  • dream what you dreamt of, yet the reality seems far off. still never leave dreaming!
  • care about the ones you have and close your eyes, for the ones who have passed by.

life itself is never complete and never straightforward!

we have little bits of happiness – which combine together to make a huge grand picture.

imagine of a picture of sunshine, sun appears like a dot( according to his appearance in your skies!), the other components of the picture remain the sky, the trees, the birds flying around and various other aspects of your everyday life.

this is same as our dreams, it may  be one or many, it looks right there and we have thousands of unknown things surrounding us, making the pciture whole, somehow, we do not absorb it all the same times, somehow they come into picture suddenly and make the picture – as a whole – a masterpiece.

lets celebrate the dream called life, as it is only once – we’ll ever get a chance to have a moment and make the time memorable.


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  1. New year wishes

    1. shekharonline says:

      happy new year 2011 to you too!!

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