movie review – megamind

hollywood movie business moves more on fantasy than on reality. and megamind is no exception.

this animated film, shows two men with supernatural capabilities, one doing good and another evil, come from out of the solar system to the earth. and i dont know how both of them land nearby and that too in the states! ohk, i’ll stop being logical – anyhow its an animated feature.

the good one becomes metroman (of the metro city) and the bad one – megamind.

this film more or less deals with the super-manship of two guys. how the evil one finishes the good one and then he creates a good one for the people to start hating him again – to fight the boredom or vacuum created due to disappearance of metroman, this one is called Titan with the genes of metroman – who turns evil to get the herione – who our megamind also loves!

so, we have new twist. the evil has to turn good. so far so good. rest is better to watch in the movie.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. jeremy says:

    i like it

  2. NytkrwlR says:

    Wow.. I was just thinking kind of same…

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