Movie review – Break ke Baad

i am in no mood to go into the details of this badly written movie, to sum up…

this one also has Imran Khan – after I hate Luv Stories, he gets to act – in another lame story (he should say, i get lame stories).deepika padukone -his class mate and yes,no, yes – girl friend (thas how she deals with imran’s character in the movie) , another herione of imran – after JTYJN – tries to get into movie business, err she says mass communication but ends up getting selected in films.

music – the same vishal-shekhar, and the same vishal-shekhar type of music. more or less all the same, in a different wrapper.

its less for the supporting cast – navin nischol, shahana goswami and yes, sharmila tagore – to deal with the loop holes in the script.

i will ask you to rather take and break and watch mumbai dairies, that too break ke baad (meaning : after the break)– from the movies, oh yes – dhobi ghat in hindi. its promos look promising and i am liking the background score AK will surely rock again.


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