what if’s

what life actually is… ? just a give and take? (karya – karan bhaav – as we say it – to do karma and bear its fruits!)

nothing is real – its just a part of the theory – but what if it is considered fake…. just for few moments?  we make ourselves – or grow up with the experiences of this world (earth). our  religious doctrines say that  nothing is permanent, and nothing was. only time has been immortal and nobody else is.

may be this post too.. and the thoughts that are getting poured into it by the application of force on the keyboard – too. energy is neither created or cannot be destroyed just changes its forms. then what is the definition of the all powerful god … ?

maybe giving him a physical avatar he loses energy – or gets into a mortal form but still retains his identity – as we know in the incarnations of Rama and Krishna – or does he follow the rules of the nature – he himself created? by the way – are there any rules? or the laws have been written down by the experiences and repetitions of this experiences – notified.

the way Hindu ideology goes, god remains both in interpreted forms (physical) and in other forms – he is there without a form (a flow of uninterrupted energy which can be experienced with the samadhi state – state of Unision with the God himself ) .

  • sleep consumes our 1/3 rd of the life – approximating it to 8 hours per day.
  • childhood and college life and then professional life takes away major chunk of our lives…

what we are left with..?


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