sudden news ~

dad is a member of the first few employees of his company, and now younger brother had worked there for a year and left that company for new opportunities. this company is a civil engineering giant and yes, the founder and managing director of the company – BGS as all would know him passed a few months ago. dad has been asked to resign in a month, whereas before younger bro’s resignation –  in fact his service extensionand transfer to Pune was being finalised. the problem – borther joined with the reference of dad.

the problem of joining with reference, here creates(d) a problem for the companies run as a family business i.e., the family entrusts a few selected individual bunch of  people to manage their businesses and in turn only look into whether or not, is a money minting machine.

this was the only reason, i have always trusted my bosses and not the family / friend relations – when to or not to – get into a company with a reference -> sometimes an early exit of an employee might create a problem for one who had referred him! (also can be treated as a word of caution!) – this has nothing to do with professionals – but rather it makes a point when somethings related to somebody are being discussed.

pay checks / dividends hardly affect honesty, hard work and now a days the latter are less sought after.

the result that we have now is dad has been asked to step down as early as possible and his services integrated with trust and honesty are no longer required. maybe not also with the long association he has had with the company. but as i have said before this has been the decision of the bunch of the people given the authority who tried to nullify the effect of one resignation for new opportunities (which they had to accept), by asking to the other to resign by force (which they are authorised to)….

a new lesson learnt!


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  1. pk says:

    Shit…This is ridiculous….
    These are indications of Kaliyug getting on its peak…

    There are no words like trust, faith, commitment in this era…

    Just DO BUSINESS…..

  2. shekharonline says:

    it solves the puzzle we have many a times, Lord Dutta saves us all 🙂 money and any other sensual pleasures are temporary (which Kali shows us) – Dutta bhakti is the only Key to release us from all the bondages.

    Gurudev Datta!!!!!

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