behind schedule

to somebody things keep on coming late – rather i think, being one of them, you are blown off to strive and to starve in craving for a thing. the only problem to guys who are always behind their schedule (the whole generation  seems so!) .

behind the schedule here means embrace the feeling of having no importance about a certain factor in life of which the space is vacant or has been filled up, but to the perspective of an individual that space still holds no importance or one tries to avoid being in that space.

for the one who strives in continuously for attaining something (an object, or a goal), period holds no value and nor do the things around him (/her), and the success only fills the void, if it is achieved after a great effort.

rather getting the things at a delayed interval make him feel suppressed a bit of times, getting him into nastier of moods, sometimes the patience is tested to a way that many around him feel that the guy has been choked up in a similar scenario for hell lot of years and how doesn’t he feel bad at his circumstances going bad, inspite being so intelligent and clever?

looking into future is a business for many (palmists, astrologers et al) but people forget that the extra hard work this guy is putting in at present would, no doubt, bear the fruits in (not-so) distant future as we all have (almost) same amount of time with us, and the ones who create history had used it differently than the ones who read that history. the one who sits up, sees all the mess one has created and tries to make a gem of him!


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