Why me?

To my dear friend, (and many of my gen facing the same troubles!)


why me ? is the question we rather ask when facing hard set of equations, we dare not to resolve. sometimes, it this phase that i succumb to another behaviour and the ego has all in his hands, as certainly, while in normal lives, we are more governed by the subconscious – the one which stores regular feeling and good responses and  does deal with them on routine basis – which ego doesnn’t mind.

sometimes, though, i have felt the “me” ego getting scope when someone gets somethings he thought as per his will. the world seems to be running at his or her ideas and nothing can get them away from their desired results. Whoa!


marriage according to many (here @ my place ) is to be done when somebody gets settled, but what is the idea of one getting settled.

previously, we had Telco (now Tata Motors), Bajaj Auto as good companies, or government jobs to deal with the “settle”d guy idea. Guys of my generation, have no idea of how this settlement comes through as the rates of each and everything change so often that good becomes average in a span of months or may be less the next year.

having own’s place – is desired by many but affordable by few. and it seems to be a worldwide trend, why, you say? don’t you see the most major economy go down due to the ill effects of owning  a bungalow with much less in salaries? a proverb goes this way  – expand yourbody (while sleeping) as the length of your bed ( meaning keep your expenses intact!)

btw, renting a flat doesn’t solve the problem temporarily, but could help you in saving better bucks – which can be utilised in future for a down payment… huh?


good times are way too less, my friend. life is 80% normal (daily routine) some 2-3% good moments and rest all pains. we need to get into minds how to turn this 80% more into the 2-3% scope to make them >80%. in all life can be better .


and many few of us, who believe in the samadhi avastha ( or bent to learn going towards it – complete enlightenment), should learn how to surrender, first. meaning : if you think the problems are yours – at your will – you have to face them. if you have been initiated by a master, and surrendered to Him, why to take trouble of facing them, just ask Him to show the right way, or keep fighting until He resolves it for you, dear friend. Theres no other way for it, as the problems would have to be fought and keeping away from them would be named discourageous.

and if the follower has completely surrendered, he would care less about all the things going around him and care more about the prayers he has to offer daily, or the things which he has to meditate upon… or many of worshiping the god.

at just 27, i am less on experiences and cannot answer all your queries as there are limits to the knowled of mine. hope this resolves your queries.

||Gurudev Dattatreyarpanamastu (all has been offered to the Almighty)||



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  1. pk says:

    all has been offered by the AND offered back to the Almighty 🙂

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