Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – part 1 – Movie Review



Harry Potter Final part -1For the ones who dont follow the HP series, Harry Potter is the chosen one by the Dark Lord (Voldemort) as his only nemesis – who can defeat him – to lead the magic world. Volemort has murdered Harry’s parents and its their love for the kid which keeps him away from the neagtives of attack from the one Who-should-not-be-named (also You-know-who) – the Dark Lord.

The pair of Harry Potter and Harmione Granger decides to leave their muggle guardians and parents resp., to keep them away from the attacks of the followers and servants of the Dark Lord – who have already started attacking the Muggles(non Magical people). Hermione goes one step further by removing her memories from her parents and also from the 2D images we have… Well the plot has been set nicely, and Harry has been duplicated well with good graphics into 7 Harry’s with the magical potion to be taken to a safe place – to Ron Weasley’s home. While the Order gets in to save Harry, Mad eye Moody gives himself fot the cause… Ron’s brother is injoured and looses an ear..

In comes Ginny Weasley.. (has less scope left in the scenes , as the trio takes up more space from the first part itself, being the herione to the male lead 🙂 ) and the team. Even Bill Waesley’s marriage is attacked.. the trio vanish from the place on the advice of Lupin. Rons gets frustrated for they don’t know how to search the leftover Horcruxes and the world seems getting to be getting more and more darker.

They think they will get a locket – which is one of the seven horcruxes to be destroying for finishing up the Dark Lord- from Mundungus, but instead is the Ministry of Magic, which they steal with the help of the magic potion. Meanwhile the trio sees that magic cannot destory the locket (horcrux) and the one who wears it, gets more and more impatient with all that is going around and Ron leaves the group while under its influence for a big time – seeing Harry and Hermione together for a long time and keeping him away..

Harry and Hermione, together go to Godrick’s hollow for finding the sword but are attacked, meanwhile Ron is back and Harry and Ron destroy the Horcrux with the sword. Now they think of another clue – which is the symbol querying both Harry and Hermione – which takes them to Luna Lovegood’s dad. Now Lovegood tells them the story of the Deathly Hallows and the three things required to aviod death- which three brothers once did..

The plot is interesting like the book and the speed fast – sometimes somethings seem missing – as they did in the book, but that may be the requirement of the script as to complete a thousand pages in two parts a cumbersome task.

The Trio, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson and Rupert Grint – impress. The Director continues to keep up the speed to get whats expected from the finale of the fight of all fights..to kill the most evil villian of all times…

The scenery keeps your eyes glued to the screen as the places seem out of this world -ones.

With no good Bollywood offering around and The Social Network effect lessening, HP7 may be the pick of many going for movies this week. Not to miss the readers are also in millions..


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