mumbai pune mumbai review

a gal (Mukta Barve) from Mumbai (the commercial captial of the country) arrives to Pune (cultural and educational headquarters of the State) to look out and reject the to be groom and meets a guy (Swapnil Joshi) who loses his wicket (in cricket & in love too!) due to this girl, while she is searching for the address of the to-be.

cultural clashes erupt between the two where he takes the side of the Pune city and she never lets Mumbai down… getting close together till the evening – as she says – a day accounted to be wasted for the boy she had came to reject.

rest all – if they agree to be paired up for the rest of their lives, who is the candidate… etc, is better to be watched on the screen.

acting of the lead pair is good and the locations make it more interesting to watch.

reminds me of Jab We Met @ some scenes.


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  1. Is that a movie? I first read the title as Mumbai Pune Expressway review

    1. shekharonline says:

      yes, its a movie 🙂 Its abt a Mumbai girl first trying to fail a Pune guy in her only visit to test him and later falling for a Pune’ite guy. Interesting point here is are both the guys – she meets – the one she is looking for and the one who loses the wicket are the same?

  2. sudhanwa says:

    aagdi pakya journalist sarkha review lihilayes!!!

    1. shekharonline says:

      wah! aplya abhiprayaa(en. comment) baddal dhanywad – mandal abhari aahe 🙂

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