action replay – movie review

well “action replay” the movie isn’t a remake of the curious case of benjamin button as the hollywood movie had sued them, but it derives the idea from the decades old “time machine” where the hero tries to save his gf from dying in some past decades.

here the plot has been changed to quarelling pair (akshay & aishwarya) whose kid has no faith in the marriage institution due to their attitudes and behaviour and tries to have his luck changed by taking changes in past, getting into the time machine made by the uncle of his gf. oh come 0n!

this movie could have been easily into bollywoods cult movies if teh story had gone with the narrative. and sad to say it fails to deliver.

the positives

  • the combo (akshay aishwarya) lead pair
  • the new entrant guy (reminds me of Farkhan Akhtar @ times)
  • the only good song (jor ka jhatka)

the negatives

  • we dont know what the kid is trying to change, i.e. the old plot.
  • the graphics and sets. somehow things seems to be out of place
  • the machine is invented after two decades but can be repaired after being damaged completely… that too 2 decades back – how insane.

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