Diwali Vacations and Konkan Trip

Of the 4 days of Diwali Vacations were just 4 days ( say ’em long if u are a workaholic, short if you are wanderer!) One day went in shifting to a new place, other in the feast for Mihir, a friend who is getting married this December. First our planned destination was Akkalkot or Wadi (the places of Lord Dattatreya).  

Mihir had another plans, as he was going to Konkan for giving the Marriage invites to the family deities, and these places were in downside of the plateau, a lovely and beautiful Konkan! The idea sparkled in my head the memories of childhood, the beach of Ganpatipule and the red crabs on that beach in hundreds , in tiny sizes running here and there in their holes..

This time it was a different route altogether. We went to Sajjangad first (surprise, as this was unknown to me!), Chiplun later , then to Ratnagiri – LakshmiKeshav and Adivare – MahaKaali temple. My prime attraction for the tour  was Pavas – the samadhi place of Swami Swaroopananda Maharaaj – a Saint from the Nath tradition – a god figure for many. Bowed to His photo daily for 15 days, just before the shifting of place was to take place – don’t know from where it came up. It is however amazing, and by His grace – I got the chance to have His Highness’s Samadhi’s darshan.

The return trip was destined to end from Kolhapur, the place in 3.5 Peeths ( one of 4 sacred places of Goddess’s) in Maharashtra, but we had to cross about 70 – 75 kms through  ghats (roads through and around teh high mountains!) so, we decided to change the course midway and come to the City early.

Trip was highly enjoyed and memorable.

Good food with loads of fresh coconut and opn (& empty) beaches all around – you can feel the hugeness of the water body and the silence which adds to the huge factor, while waves breaking the silence..

Pics from Maharashtra tourism web.


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  1. good to know you’d great diwali

    1. shekharonline says:

      lots of miles covered in 1 and (nearly) half days …. ‘d a thought like this journey keeps on continuing… hope u had a nice time during ur Nano expedition!

  2. PK says:

    JJRS !!!

  3. me says:

    makes me want to drink alchoholic beverages

  4. onaizajosh says:

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    1. shekharonline says:

      yes please. thanks so much.

      best regards

  5. onaizajosh says:


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