Its easy to say I Quit, tough to Stay On!

The way things keep on going, sometimes obstacles are bound to come in between – to test the perseverence. The thing which keeps check whether you are brittle or made of real metal. I keep on failing and losing ground many a times but it’s the Master who backs me up, gives a hand and says “Come on son, you are just half way left!”.

Getting to know, that you are midway is encouraging, and having the Master with you boosts your morale. Sometimes, though He tests leaving you there somewhere and trying to test you. Master says many a times with the example of our most beloved cricketer – Sachin Tendulkar, that how he handles his play being always pumped with difficult questions nad controversies off the field and beamers and bouncers on the field.  Sachin practises day and night and plays every game as his first one. Thats dedication and devotion. And no doubt his self confidence bears the fruits. There are a few records left to be broken, and lot a many have been already set by this wonderful person, who inspires us and makes us feel proud – again and again. This is what is to be achieved.

Pralhad was tested for his courage and devotion, but Lord Vishnu was there all around. Little did he know, that Vishnu will arrive for His follower in a pillar and take a different form, not known to anybody in the Universe.

Followers keep in mind, Salvation is a tough job made easy by the kind Master (Guru) but the tests are difficult and your ego is always at the helm of the affairs.


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