Humans are different by the way from other living beings – by the way that they can remember their memories and link to them as soon as they remember them. The thought of the post came from the signature of a friends email signature – a good life is a collection (correction : accumulation) of good memories. Being or having a good life then becomes so simple, just remember the past which has been good to you. But in tense sense, the past is more or less painful (we tend to be negative more), present seems awful and future seems to be anonymous.

Well can then life be programmed? I think, it has been – already. somewhere – sometime, you think – i will be at this point of life – was just a notion but that has become into a reality.

otherway round, if you want to feel happier or happiest at times, you can think of the best loved moments in that space of the mind, in which you have stored them. With life, we always have to take everything with a pinch of salt,  and nothing comes easy.

time and again, we are brought into same kinda situations, which we have tried to skip before to answer at that point, if we try to skip them again, it again will try to reappear in the lives of us ,sometime later. life is the best teacher, they say, may be yes, because it teaches you life practically.

the games that you play in mind, are of no use in reality as they aren’t just that real or pracitcally possible. like the imagination sequence of Leo’s second architect in Inception. the buliding are twisted from earth like a piece of paper and put up on each other. life doesn’t go that way and its good only in theaters.

in reality, the principles that you have collected and tried to follow through childhood – make more importance. These are the ones that would take you again to the path – whcih you want to follow – if you are distracted. Time tries to test this following again and again, and if you go through once, you are bound to follow that ideal again and again. the problem arrives when one falters. Time has to think and ask to it, whether this guy should given another chance or should i change the track ? if you are given a secind chance, lucky you or the paths change and another individual is born with the birth of new beliefs!


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