Anjaana Anjaani movie review

It’s an era, when the trailers can be misleading (read my KCK review), the reviewers can fight if the movie was good or bad (read Inception) and the lead pair’s chemistry in their first movie together – makes no sense.

Anjaana Anjaani (AA) is a dumb movie afterall. I think Sajid Nadiadwala and Siddhart Anand must have seen The Hangover and some more hollywood movies – and tried to make a road trip movie, which it isn’t. They couldn’t also make a viewer happy by making it a straight Hindi love story with a love traingle (the third angle for a mere number of scenes – Zayed Khan). And also it isnt a movie focussed on suicidal tendencies of the lead couple.

Instead Sid mixes up all and we have nothing to go back with. Just the viewers should stay content with some 2-3 good tracks – Hairat, Anjaana Anjaani and the surprise of the lot is Disco Dancer track which Ranbir dances @ the male stripper’s club.

The story goes like this – the lead pair ends up together – unknown @ a huge bride @ the states, where the flashback shows Akash playes by Ranbir (& his group facing the flares due to financial metdown – his characters resembles a more of SK in Badmaash Co.) and has no relations left over. So he gives up with life. And Kiara (PC) who is drunk and also intents to give up – reasons unknown then, which follows later that she doesn’t love Kunal (ZK) – but they were just good friends from childhood (remember – IHLS ?). After 2-3 attempts together they decide to give life a chance back and try on 31st of Dec.

They go for mid Atlantic Ocean trip – where Kiara’s flashback comes up. Viewers are still thinking that some interesting thing comes up – which never!

Then a road trip follows to Vegas and the couple thinks that they are knowing more of each other (or are guilty’ly in love) and soon take their own paths.

The climax follows the regular, typical bollywoodish end.

Music was good, shooting @ good locations is great, nonetheless this film suffers @ the script and story itself. Ranbir tries to go into the Salman club by removal of his shirt@ umpteen times after having done a film with name – Prem!

Go it for good sight seeing, else there’s nothing to watch in this movie.



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