the film – Zodiac, based on real life murder mysteries, and based on real characters – starts in darkness grows on you like hell. there is no such hero and villian drama as it goes in bollywood, instead its a puzzle to (then) two San Fransisco Chronicle employess – Robert Graysmith, the Cartoonist , who is a divorced guy with a child, played by a charming – Glyenhaal (Tomorrow never dies, I missed his Prince of Persia!) and the other is Paul Avery, the Reporter played by the Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man, Sherlock Holmes, etc).

The killer who calls himself Zodiac, is on a killing spree – tries to kill two people @ Vallejo – of which he knows the lady but no the guy with her.

Later, he sends a code to the four newspapers to be printed of the front page with each having a decipher – to solve – to know the details of the zodiac and his interest in the murders.

After some days, same scenario happens but the guy survives. again a code and again front page news. Later on he attacks a taxi driver and the famous cop – Dave Torschi gets involved in the case.

Then the Zodiac killer alerts to attack a school bus and people get terrorised.

In between the bullets fired, Graysmith (whom the office thinks – dumb) and Avery get into good tuning due to Graysmiths analysing skills and the interest he gets into this case.

The rest of the story is how Avery gets into trouble – both due to the threat he receives from the Zodiac  and overconsumption of drugs.

Graysmith actively pursues the path of Zodiac and gets close to solve the mystery – just to look into the eyes of the killer – who isn’t identified by law – but in realty he was.

Interesting direction and screenplay in addition to the real life story make this movie a must watch. The books (2) must be checked for reading, they seem to be must read – as the film may have some additions and cuts from the literature.


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