Inception- some more thoughts

Inception shows how its difficult to penetrate human’s thoughts. How we all are clinched to the “own’s” thought process – that the individual doesn’t leave the thoughts while he’s awake – in his dreams too. Reality is such different!

The other thing shown comes closer to facts – in dreams we rather experience – that time passes faster than in – reality – yes it may be. Well some times after we’re awake we think we just slept quite a few minutes before. That whole thing makes a lot os sense – kudos to Nolan for that.

Inception is also a love story. We aren’t told how Cobb and Mal get together and wed. But just that Cobb has children and has never seen them after Mal decides to jump down the building – thinking it as her entry to the dream world. Its the guilt of the Inception that worked on Mal, that Cobb is unable to forget her till Adriane helps him out @ the end. Too much complex but the climax – never the late – shows it better. Marion Collitard and Leo get a chance @ last in the SciFI thriller.

Inception is also a tale of Selfishness. Inception shows in detail how Cobb – does – inception on his wife – and makes dreams a reality for her. The symbolic thing  of his dreams  – a spinning top – actually a thing he made for her to come out of limbo (frozen state) to reality but it is shown to be in her dreams – stored in her safe in dream world – which becomes her real world. She eventually hates the real life after spending a lot of time with Cobb in dreams (which multiples many a times with the real world time! – Relativity @ action!!). The time travelled in dreams in some years – as per Nolan – in reality equates to some days / hours. While Mrs. Cobb (Mal) thinks that she has had children in dreams – its in reality that she doesn’t want to accept them and also the ageing factor -which humans have tried to evade from time unknown!!! 

Dileep Rao also plays a dealer of sedatives which are used on people to help them “dream” – with multiple level of dreams! They actually plan to run their inception on Fischer Jr. with the 3/4 th level dream in a 10 + hr journey while they travel through the aeroplanes.

The way the characters get into dreams is much like Harry and Dumbeldore get into other’s past time with the help of that characters memories. This has been shown in Harry Potter movies for a long time – which seems logical. But getting into other’s dreams / consciousness is harder to digest for some. Same was shown in Matrix with a huge set of machinery.

Inception – if was shot with 3D would have created much more craze than Avatar. just a thought. 

Harry Potter would come next and Sherlock Holmes too! Wow!!!


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