Inception – a must watch

Let me say this first, I havent seen Memento & The Dark Knight by Christopher Nolan. But I have become his huge fan after watching Inception! Oh boy what a film……… and what an idea Sirji!!

Leo is the chief of a team which extracts other persons dream and at one point they meet an industrialist who has an offer for him – to meet his children in the States where he cannot go due to the pending case of a murder – of his wife. The offering person asks Leo – who plays Cobb- to  insert a new idea into his competitors mind (Mr. Fischer Jr.) – via a dream – calling it as “Inception”.

Here’s the tricky issue for Cobb- to extract data, its easier, to “incept” an idea – not. While getting his guys and a girl as an architect (Ellen Page – Juno)  – as he himself cannot fight the shadow of his wife in his own dreams – he crafts new dreams – for Fisher Jr.

The other part of the story is a suspense thriller, which one has to go through all the movie to understand it. One moment off and you are gone!

Watch it to see the excellence of hollywood as compared to other parts of the world cinema. Leo is a magician and he impresses.  If no such movie releases in coming future – Inception might end up winning numerous Academy awards of this year.


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  1. Andrew Pelt says:

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