I Hate Luv Storys – Movie review

KJo has created a new trend of Bollywood- we must say – of highlighting his first hit film – Kuch Kuch hota hain (KKHH)- by inculcating the theme – tum paas aaye – yun Muskuraye… et al in every movie of which he acts as a producer. Even the comedy film Dostana had it.

This film starts terribly and ends horribly. Even the new junior college girls seated at our back were able to predict the narrative with which it would end. 

Jay (& not Jai – said multiple time with KOOL and Cliche’s) played by Imran Khan – is an assistant director to one of the famous romantic movie making director in Bollywood (read machine)  but Jay hates love stories and is involved in making of one which resembles KKHH – with SRK and Kajol – like lead pair.

Then comes Sonam Kapoor – who playes Simran , wants to try her luck in Bollywood and is fond of love stories and engaged to her childhood friend Raj. Samir Dattani plays Raj who has less to do than wear shirts matching to SK and gift her daily a white flower!

Well Simran is roped in as a set designer for this film which will be set in NZ and we come to see some 2-3 points on how film makers present the actual story on screen. Raj has to act like a dud while Jay makes fun of him – making him a perfectionist (as the story says).

Meanwhile making fun of Raj and getting closer to Jay makes Simran to run from her committed status and soon she fells in trap of her actual love- Jay and which Jay ignores (and people start to snore!)

Then comes the interval.

Meanwhile after the intermission, Jay starts getting caught in the trap he had deviced by hating luv storys – he falls in love of Simran. Which she ignores now. The end marks a spoof on the endings we see at the sirports (many a times – done till now).

The plus points –

  • a good first half,
  • good comic timing by Jay & his friend (Sprite ad man : Kavin Dave)
  • The lead pair chemistry

The negatives

  • This movie could have been made of about one hour and half.
  • the songs – sometimes we feel – are not necessary to fast forward the proceedings (totally unwanted)
  • Jay’s character isn;’t developed much. We dont know why he left his family staying overseas and came to India?


The director – as he should make the movie from Dharma’s mould. Dont think with your thinking cap – take ours and direct – idiot!

Raj’s role is an extended version of Subodh in DCH. Come on KJo – how insane can a guy be, if another takes on his fiancee ? Raj does absolutely nothing. Plainly stupid!

With no more competition @ this weekend except the World cup football and with the Banner – Dharma Prod. this movie has already got #1 easily!


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