Raavan review- what happens when plot fails!

Raavan begins with the kidnapping of Raagini (for Sita, Aishwarya) by Beera(for Raavan – AB Jr.). Then enters Sanjeevani, a forest officer (for Hanuman, by Govinda) for helping Dev (Ram – Vikram) who is a strict police officer and his subordinate – plays for the role of Lakshman.

Flashback comes after an hour – when the police are searching for Raagini in the jungles here and there with the help of Sanjeevani. Here the sub ordinate of Dev, kidnaps Beera’s sister after injuring Beera with gunshots aimed to kill him at her wedding and these cops what not to her at that night – she eventually suicides – after her lover runs from the scene.

Beera doesn’t leave her lover and also insults the sub ord. – while the flashback ends. In the meanwhile he falls in love of Raagini and she too realizes that! While our mighty Dev gets her back in the amazing fight on the bridge joining two huge peaks – as Beera leaves him away – as promised to Raagini (for the sake of his love towards her). Dev interrogating her as she was in captivity for 14 days and wants her to conduct medical tests, explaining as if Beera said him so while they fought.

The movie ends with a climax replicating the ending scenes of Dhoom 2. By the way, this is the same way Aishwarya appears in a hat trick of movies – Khakee (Ajay Devgn gets Akshay Kumar off the team (& the screen 2), Dhoom2 and now Raavan!)

Ramayana has a different tale than that narrated above, similarities may be there in the plot, but the plot misses it by huge space. There’s no way this Raavan knows her before her abduction, there’s no Bibhishan who will let know Ram of Raavan ‘s weak points and well there are certain twists missing which make Ramayana such a great epic. Critics say that Ram is also biased towards his followers (and why not!) by the way of his killing Waali (who had previously defeated Raavan which resulted into their friendship) and giving help to Sugreeva.

Also, the base of the narrative isn’t shown, their parents! Dashrath & Kaikeyee for Ram’s vanwaas (to reside in forest for 14 years!) and Raavan ‘s parents – he was born to a Sage Visravas and Kekasi (a Rakshasin).The plot narrative runs towards Shurpanakha more and that twist runs the story for most of the time rather than Raavan himself.

Acting is ok ok for Vikram as Ram, Aishwarya is beautiful as Sita and Abhishek falters at his role of Raavan. Govinda has an extended guest appearance (he had the same opportunity with SRK’s Devdas as Chunnibabu!). Gehi and Ravikishan are good. Priyamani’s character creates the rivalry but she has less space in this narrative. The picture shows us the beauty of the waterfalls near the borders of Tamil Nadu and Kerala from the first scene itself – where AB jumps with the flow of the water.

Santosh Sivan and Manikandan have worked the best in the team for capturing the nature –  one feels as if being at the location itself while watching.

A R Rahman’s music is good, Behene De, Beera and Thok de killi are amazing. Thok de has been choreographed excellently.

As a viewer you come out of the multiplex (/ a theater) thinking why AB’s face is coloured most of the time in this movie (by turmeric / soot / any other colour substance they had)  – is it for showing a specific mood ? or showing the multi faceted nature of Raavan ? Having 10 heads may mean his intelligence was 10 times of the normal man – but AB has to act in way showing his emotions saying – bak bak bak bak – everytime he gets angry and beat his head with his hands.. unknown for most of the time…

Hindi movie has got bad reviews as compared to the good ones of the Tamil one. Overall the movie is watchable, but except the story!


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  1. Dinesh says:

    I thought chunnibabu was Jackie Shroff

    1. shekharonline says:

      Chunnibabu’s role was first offered to Govinda. He left it and it went away to Jackie Shroff. While Bhansali & SRK’s Devdas was a hit , Raavan might see the graph turning otherwise. Rajneeti was better in portraying Mahabharat than this one.

  2. Dinesh says:

    Good review, I will not go out of my way to watch it.

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