Rajneeti : It rules !

Politics has been given importance from long times ago. The great Indian epics Ramayan and Mahabharat are based on the same. While Ramayana centers more around the promises kept by the great Lord Rama, Mahabharat shows how the world changed after a single war.

Raavan is due this week, directed by the famous Mani Ratnam (love his Dil Se), Prakash Jha (after giving superb movies like Gangajal, Apaharan, etc) tries his hand at direction exploring the stories from Mahabharat and picture them current scene of Indian politics.

Rajneeti has all shades from black and white and definitely they all turn grey for the fiery habit of “power”. There are many types of people shown in this movie : one who are honest and poor (the driver of the party leader), the academician (Ranbir) and the Rich (Katrina) parallel to them runs another narrative of Indian politics of the people who are always ready to get into power at any cost.

The movie starts with the love of the young girl of the CM who is also a comrade and likes the leader of that party. Their relationship crosses its limits and in comes the birth of Ajay’s character. The newborn is left behind to save the face of CM and his daughter. The kid is left by Nana, who portrays a character on the lines of Shree Krishna (BrijGopal ji) which is taken away by the honest car driver of another party’s leader.

After the starting credits are shown, the kid grows up to be Suraj (Ajay Devgn) in the lower levels of the society aiming to be at higher pedestal in life. The battle that goes on afterwards includes the fight between two cousins (Manoj Bajpayee and Arjun Rampal), while Ajay Devgn’s character has no takers for his entry into politics (part of Karna, who later gets Duryodhan’s support) Manoj comes to his rescue.

Ranbir has aimed at his PhD but Arjun being aspirant for the top post in state politics, he is caught in the net while many incidents occur one after the other.

The film’s end is typical Hindi film end (not like Mahbharat) but the pace at which is goes on is impressive. You just cannot take an eye off just for the sake of missing something. The director has too much to tell and too less time!!

Ajay and Nana are back in the camp to where they belonged. Arjun gets ample scope, Katrina enters into politics too late and so gets less time on the main story. The one who has got the various shades to act is Ranbir and he stands up tall in between all. Nasruddin Shah has pretty less time, just comes and goes.

Overall, this movie has its moments to remember (as a presenter of uncensored version of politics inside circles) making it a must watch.


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  1. enidhi says:

    ok.. need to watch this soon

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