We socialize… or do we really ?

In the current context of socializing making friends has become easier a lot. We text to make friends, call to make them, else ask for a twitter follower or a likeable person from his/ her F’book profile by a friends request. Well that’s it. Then we tweet or re tweet or tweet a reply, or sometimes chat or rather the hardest one among these days – email them. Gone are the days of the hard mail which the postman used to deliver the mails to the home. Now a days the only postmaster (maybe ) known is the one when the email bounce backs or let’s say we have lost the patience.

Letter writing used to be like an art in last decade, at least we had to put efforts for it as it was a definite question for a certain amount of marks in the English and all the language exams. Well to practice and keep contact with the relative, I used to write a letter to my aunt and uncles staying far and one of my mama (mummy’s elder bro) he also replied back every time and the noticeable feature was his good handwriting. Philately (collecting postal stamps) used to a good hobby then. We used to visit the post office once every month or so for getting the post cards and inland (meaning – to be posted inside the county) letters.

Surabhi was a serial which brought the concept of Competition Cards as the people used to answer the questions with multiple attempts and Siddharth Kak (the host) and the team had received letters amounting to literally in some hundred thousand while the viewers answered the question asked at the end of the episode.

Well, telephones and cell phones revolutionized in the next decade and we lost contact with the written media and the postal stamps.

As a swayamsevak (member) of the RSS I was used to the concept of outdoor games till I joined the diploma course – it would be 1 hour of physical activity on a ground near the locality altogether with the kids from the society and locality altogether. Keeping the idealism aside, I liked the concept too much. Then we would have festivals and camps @ periodic intervals in the year and the gang would actually socialize. We needed food, some material for camping and 11th hour needs. Every family got involved for the kids and suddenly the momentum was gained.

Then just for a change, in the darkness of the winter nights, we had food together – aptly called “chandni bhojan” (food in the light of stars) where we would share tiffins by sitting on the ground making a huge circle (100’s of them).

As a computer app. Student, I feel a bit disappointed when I see kids glued to the artificial things – the video games. And in the period when we are speaking about everything we eat losing its content (everybody here thinks so), am unsure how playing the games and making friends online would contribute to socialize them.


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