You are what your – habits – have made you!

the other day, dad, as he always does, read my hand (he’s a palmist!) and cautioned me on two things. Have good habits and have good friends. habits are formed as easily, you never know. we are what our habits have made us. they go deep into the subconscious and lets say – drive you through the daily routes from the office – its like a ritual that – sometimes even if you drive in sleep – you get through the same daily road (with or without) any obstacles in it at the same daily speed !

on the topic of habits – good ones – tend to attract good "will" – or take you towards good. and bad turn you into someone you would have never expected. friends on the other hand cannot be handpicked. its actually, the other way round, they choose you.

anyway around, its the way of life one chooses – attracts the habits and people – who fall in the same "frequency". Thinking otherwise – if your friends find you engulfed into bad habits – which they do not have – they will try to change your thoughts on that subject!

other aspect of this article – future. we are more interested in future than in present. Indians have had a good study in the subject of astrology. There are zodiac’s, then there are janam kundali’s (horoscopes) – both based on the position of the moon @ the birth time and not of Sun like the westerner’s, then numerology, then by cards – and what not – the only question i always have in mind is people always have a notion to hear "good" things about them (that 2 again and again) . they never intend to learn being neutral !

we always like to think – what happens next and forget that the present is yet to be faced. may be good future – demands – good hard work in the present ! Thinking of the past – good / bad – has effects on the present also. but the present is to be nourished and well lived. and being mere humans, we have limitations of time!

you are – what you are @ the current moment.


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