Deemed universities unhappy with new UGC guidelines –

UGC takes a upper hand while looking to sanction more “deemed” varsities. The new restrictions are that the family members / relatives founding the university will be barred from chairing the varsity. Also the varisty now has to come of age before being declared as deemed (to be) university.

Well, the same reasons have been applied to some of the 44 varsities notified and while rest of them have been left unntoiced – few of them have voiced their concern over this restrictions.

  • Why ?

This would have been regulated in order to make the admission process more transparent.  Kinda more user friendly!

  • And why not?

Who will be ready to loose the status of being a chairman and the post’s financial importance! Also the efforts of a person should be taken into account – while s/he did hard work into making a institution from nothing to a (deemed) varsity. This lefts him / her to get to nowhere  after such a dedication! which on his part would be injustice.

As per the new UGC (Institutions Deemed-to-be Universities) Regulations 2010, notified on May 21, the chancellor of a deemed university, appointed by the sponsoring society or trust, will have to be an eminent educationalist or a distinguished public figure other than the president of the sponsoring society or his/her relative. The chancellor can be a member of neither the society nor the trust.

Conveying their reservations over this provision to Union Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal, the managements of several private institutions run by registered societies and trusts and granted the ‘deemed-to-be university’ status by the UGC pointed out that it would be a disincentive to philanthropic groups interested in setting up new educational institutions when the country actually needed more.

Among those who have voiced their concern are the Birla Institute of Technology and Sciences (BITS), Pilani; Manipal University; Vellore Institute of Technology (VIT); and Symbiosis University, Pune — all deemed universities under Section 3 of the UGC Act.

While Symbiosis University, a registered society, has written to Mr. Sibal, VIT and Manipal University, both registered as trusts, and BITS, also a registered society, have conveyed their reservations.

The new guidelines were issued with a view to plugging deficiencies detected in the recent review of deemed universities, which indicated that such institutions functioned as family ‘fiefdoms.’


The Hindu : News : Deemed universities unhappy with new UGC guidelines.


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  1. India Education System says:

    Mahatma Gandhi once said that if you wish to ensure that mission to be completed, the Trustee must be trusted. But who bothers Gandhi today. In America or at Harvard may be Gandhi is not taught. The new dictate of MHRD through UGC speaks a volume about the ‘new and innovative’ mindset of our political clan. When BITS Pilani was established may be Birla ji was inspired by Gandhi to make a trust of education but today if you have a mission, vision and a dedication the best now you can do is create everything and hand it over to somebody who is paid to carry forward your vision….how much devotion will be there nobody knows, because some wise men advising the elite education reformist in the Government do not trust the trustees any more.

    If an institution is having some innovative idea or wish to do some real research, either depend on already failed or just born new ‘Sarkari’ Universities/Institutes or bring 25 Carore rupees (More than 5 Million US Dollars) first than you may think to establish a university under De-Novo category.

    Do we wish to see education sector dying due to these all un-democratic moves of an individual- a person who is by now well know as ‘Mr. One more U-Turn’? How we can afford wasting our national money on well propagated but failed visits to America, England, Australia then again America on the pretext to invite foreign universities to teach Indians, in spite of the well known fact that all the major ones have already politely refused to come in this uncertain autocratic political scenario.

    1. shekharonline says:

      Here, in Pune, called the “Oxford of the East”, new institutions are coming now a days at the speed of mushrooms. The only objective – get rich quick.

      This sector – previously founded by the likes of Shree Lokmanya Tilak – with the vision to develop “patriotism” with education in one’s own language – is now a days the fastest growing “business” sector which also generates employment for others. The regional language schools (with less fees and therefore less facilities) are dying up fast and are unable to cope up with the speed of the English medium languages due to the factor of “esteem”.

      For example, if a college of 1000 strength comes up, about a 100 staff if required – earn money from them to give them jobs. Get some more area, build good hostels and create a recurring deposit for the founder themselves by admitting max. students out of the city. finally, a good canteen facility to get more richer. Arrange some campus interviews for all the pass-outs , get the students selected and make it famous – to get richer day by day.

      Thus making the institution a money minting machine!

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