The I ruling all.

We have been spoon fed with the ideas of God. Be it the 10 reincarnations of Vishnu, The Avatar’s of Rudra (Shiva) and innumerable forms of Brahma. Well to make it more complicated they round it their numbers to 3.3 Billion gods! Sounds fascinating.

The logic behind that was the number of people in the world when this population census of Gods was carried out, without getting into their religious details! The present Govt. should take a note of it!

The way the Saints visualize the I as per their experiences is itself a great subject of study. Tukaram after having the experience of Him says “ aNu reNuya thokDa tuka akashaevDha||”

The abhanga of Dyaneshwar which came in to mind was – kamodini kay jaane to parimal, bhramar skala bhogitase… The God himself is unknown of his own strengths, the devotees get the full right to seek Him and get to know His full fledge features and give Him a name, who is above all without any boundaries.

Well a speaker on the previous program on 23rd – stated that she came to know of this I after a hard work of 30+ years! It’s also true otherwise – some people take many less amount of time – owing to their practice of previous births which they take always with them.

Its tough for many of these to catch Him in words, as He is formless – takes the form of your choice over the years of your practice.  He is not bound by time – the way things are calculated in minutes or hours or years – do not matter for Him as He was from time unknown to us, He will be there after the world changes its stages of life.

He has just left the methods to reach Him – by praying and with devotion. To conclude – the great SaiBaba of Shirdi says for Him – Sabka maalik ek – The Lord Almighty is one for all (humans and their religions). It also takes the two thoughts that a follower should take in mind – shradda and saburi (devotion and patience).


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