In reply to Twitter’s ReTweet Buzz brings it passively as “Reshare”

Well Google wants to be topper of all and can’t sit waiting for a yesterday’s kid Twitter to go ahead of them. Then, introduces Buzz which takes us all the contacts of Gmail from your address book and makes a hell of personal privacy. Now Twitter isn’t in a same position as it once was. It also parallel rolls out new features – which again – gain momentum. The most favorite being the @, RT tags, the ReTweet all features.

Buzz comes in now on the same path and introduces – Reshare. While Twitter had introduced it to some users first (might be in the beta testing) with Google everything comes up quick and affects all. Check this out!



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  1. enidhi says:

    desperate attempts?

    1. shekharonline says:

      yes. atleast to save the downfall of Google’s search engine cognizance. Twitter’s Hashtag is the preferred search method these days – with a superpowered word = > “real -time”, 3,000,000 in 0.02 seconds sounds less attractive now!

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