Google’s Doodle : done a PAC-MAN game online

Google home page today had a game embedded in it, we used to play during the childhood – Pac man .

Pac-man seems refreshing now too … just try it once and u know you’ll love it to play again!

Pac-man might just remain the same – yet it is now 30 years old!

Snakes seems to be inspired from it, I think. Many of whom I know have had their first choice of mobiles as Nokia for the love of Snakes game which in turn is a look alike of Pac-man, a déjà vu for them of their teen favorite.

While the only difference being that in Snakes (older versions) there is a single life, here Pac-man has three!

Notice their “I’m lucky” button has been replaced with Insert coin option.

Below is an insert of the “play” mode.


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